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25th Ward Street & Alley Repaving Program

March 16, 2005 25th Ward No Comments

During the recent election Alderman Kirner sent out a piece of literature which said:

“She is one of the only aldermen that ever developed a street and alley repaving program from a neighborhood survey!”

I look forward to seeing this “Street & Alley Repaving Program.” Hopefully we will receive a copy at an upcoming neighborhood meeting or on Alderman Kirner’s website.

My questions are:
• The time between the survey being mailed and the piece promoting the plan was only two weeks. Was this sufficient time to receive back surveys and develop a plan?
• Does the plan only cover those streets and alleys where residents returned surveys?

After reading the plan I may have additional questions such as expected time frame, were alternatives to repaving (such as repairing alleys as advocated by Alderman Craig Schmid) given any consideration and overall costs.

Alderman Kirner can be contacted at:
Home (314) 351-5346
City Hall (314) 622-3287
Fax (314) 622-4273
Via email

I will share additional views after reviewing the program in detail.

– Steve


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