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Dave Drebes of Arch City Chronicle Endorses Patterson for Alderman

February 25, 2005 25th Ward 2 Comments

I’m pleased to report that in the latest issue of Arch City Chronicle, General Manager Dave Drebes has endorsed me in my race for Alderman in the 25th Ward:

“Patterson’s ability to create a groundswell for change in such a short period of time is a sign that the ward needs new leadership. He is qualified to provide that leadership. Dorothy Kirner deserves gratitude for her career of service, but residents should find a way other than the ballot box to show it to her.”

Thank you Dave.

– Steve


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  1. Dustin Bopp says:

    Very well said, Dave. I think many people in the ward feel exactly the same way. Working hard and working smart are two different things. Being nice and truly understanding the needs of the city and your constituents are also two different things. But, most improtantly, having a new vision and maintaining the status quo are two VERY different things.

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