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A Tale of Two Alleys

February 1, 2005 25th Ward No Comments

Alleys are one of the areas most often mentioned to me as I am campaigning.


This alley (above) was resurfaced in 2004. In fact, many of the alleys in Alderman Ken Ortman’s 9th-Ward were resurfaced over the last few years. Ortman stated last week at the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Association meeting he has been focusing on alley repair over the last 6 years – asking the Streets department to not resurface residential streets so money could be used on alley repair & resurfacing.


Now we cross the street to see the alley above from the 25th Ward. Hardly the worst (or best) alley in the 25th Ward it is clear when you stand in the middle the street and look in opposite directions that one alley has had recent attention and the other has not.


A closer look shows you a recess which holds water and debris. Weeds grow easily through the bricks.


Former patches look unsightly.

It is time to take alley condition seriously and address problems head on! If Ortman can manage to make substantial improvements to the alleys in his ward year after year then we can do that as well in the 25th Ward. Unfortunately, we are six years behind him in the process.

– Steve


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