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25th Ward Committeeman takes exception to Arch City Chronicle

February 11, 2005 25th Ward No Comments

In the “Ends & Odds” section of January 26 – February 8 Issue of the Arch City Chronicle appeared the following:

“It’s not an open ward if it’s run like the USSR: Down in the 25th, Patterson is crying foul over campaign signs that Dorothy Kirner has already put up around the ward. The signs declare that Kirner is endorsed by the ward. The endorsement meeting is still a month away.”

In the newest issue (February 9 – 22) is a letter to the editor from 25th Ward Committeeman Norman Sutterer:

Dear Editor:
The recent edition of the
Arch City Chronicle reported that yard signs popping up in support of Dorothy Kirner declare that she has been endorsed by the 25th ward organization and that Mr. Patterson “cries foul” because the ward has not yet made an endorsement in this race (‘article’, date).

Your facts are wrong. Dorothy has a great deal of support in the ward and signs are going up. However, the signs say “Paid for by the 25th Ward Democratic Organization.” Not the same thing! Last spring the 25th ward selected Dorothy as our Democratic nominee to fill the vacancy created when her husband Dan’s partner in all things and we knew that she would continue the work we cared about and admired. Following that selection, the ward organization purchased yard signs for Mrs. Kirner. Consistent with the law, she did not coordinate or participate in that expenditure. After the election, she asked us for any remaining signs so that she could use them in the future.

That is Dorothy Kirner. Always frugal with her money and everyone else’s. That is a value we admire in public officials. Your facts are wrong and they led you to a rather insulting headline. Everyone may not always agree with Dorothy Kirner on every single issue but she is universally known as a woman of impeccable integrity. I would caution Mr. Patterson to avoid attacks – subtle or direct – on her character. Because that is an argument that he will surely lose.

Norm Sutterer
Democratic Committeeman – 25th Ward

Where does one begin to comment on this?

Well, Dave Drebes got several facts correct – I cried foul, pro-Kirner signs were going up, and the ward endorsement meeting was still a month away. The only “fact” that can be disputed is whether or not the signs indicate an endorsement. I still content they do while Norman Sutterer, as is his right, disagrees. Clearly based on the headline, Drebes tended to agree more with me than with Sutterer.

We are supposed to believe the argument the general public is going to look at the signs and think; “Oh that Dorothy Kirner is so frugal by reusing signs from last year.” Doubtful. In reality they are going to think the signs were bought and paid for by the ward committee (which they were) as a show of support. Click here to read my thoughts on this subject from 1/27/2005 which includes a photograph of the signs in question.

You be the judge.

– Steve


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