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Parking Conflict Resolved

July 24, 2015 Downtown, Featured, Parking 2 Comments

A year ago the police were called to a parking dispute at our condo association. The issue was a fight between residents and the tenant of one commercial space, see Parking Battle Close To Home.

View from ,my balcony on Friday July 25th.
View from my balcony on Friday July 25th, 2014.

A couple of months ago everything was resolved — much better than anyone could’ve predicted. It did require legal action. The original developer, the now-defunct Loftworks, was seriously delinquent on condo dues for the two commercial spaces and a few residential units. After years of negotiations and missed payment plans, our board had enough and for a foreclosure sale.  They were mortgaged for more than their value, but our board then began negotiating with the bank(s).

The best part is the commercial tenant in my building, Stealth Creative, was able to purchase their space. Every parking spot on the lot between the two buildings has been assigned to a commercial space.  So just like our residential spaces, both commercial spaces now have assigned parking. While the other commercial space is vacant and for sale, those parking spaces are leased to residents seeking a 2nd parking space.

As I mentioned a year ago, I think my neighbors and the employees are too auto dependent. Hopefully having a fixed number of parking spaces will help change that attitude. I also want to make the case to Enterprise that their CarShare service needs vehicles West of 11th Street. They’re waiting for more members, we’re waiting for the service before joining.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. Fozzie says:

    Wishing and hoping isn’t going to keep a developer from offering as much parking as possible — the laws of supply and demand dictate such in a weak housing market. No developer will purposely restrict parking to create a sales disadvantage.

    • You misunderstood. Our project was completed about 8 years ago but the outside parking has been flexible. Now it’s assigned. For the commercial & residential units the assigned number of spaces is fixed. It Stealth Creative hires more people than their number of parking spaces they’ll need to figure out what to do.

      I’m going to suggest to them they not offer free employee parking. They can offer, as a perk, a stipend to use to on a transit pass or parking. If employees carpool then they can have some extra $$


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