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Readers Not Optimistic About ICM/Summer Rocks Concert Series

January 28, 2015 Downtown, Events/Meetings 1 Comment

Readers on Sunday were cynical about the future of the ICM/Summer Rocks concert series that was to start this year:


Q: ICM/Summer Rocks has notified St. Louis they won’t hold a concern Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend is uncertain. Thoughts?

  1. This is why I opposed contracting with an out of state talent agency 7 [22.58%]
  2. Tie 5 [16.13%]
    1. Meh, was going to be a country concert
    2. The Slay Administration screwed up…again
  3. Predicted last year this would happen 4 [12.9%]
  4. ICM’s first music festival, their inexperience shows 4 [12.9%]
  5. Other: 3 [9.68%]
    1. If gamble on ICM is why we lost Bluesweek and Taste = Poor decision STL Leadrshp Add as a poll answer
    2. Combination of “out of state” and “predicted this would happen”
    3. Could be a very wise decision! STL is a DANGEROUS city.
  6. Unrest in the region for the last 6 months is to blame 2 [6.45%]
  7. Unsure/no opinion 1 [3.23%]
  8. Someone else will jump in with a downtown event that weekend 0 [0%]

We’ll have to wait 5-10 years to really know, but it’s off to a rocky start. On Sunday I appeared briefly in a Fox2 report, see ‘No ‘Summer Rocks’ concert event this Memorial Day‘.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    Here’s some more regional competition: http://forecastlefest.com/ . . . established events in Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, Chicago and Milwaukee are all competing for a limited amount of dollars. What will these two events offer, other than being local (which only benefits, duh, locals!), that these don’t already offer?


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