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Omni Majestic Hotel Protects Pedestrian Route

May 2, 2013 Accessibility, Downtown, Featured, Walkability 1 Comment

In February I posted about a problem I had observed, see Bollards Needed to Protect Pedestrian Route Into Omni Majestic Hotel on Pine Street. I contacted the manager of the hotel about the problem, along with a link to my post. 

ABOVE: The problem is this leaves very little of the walkway for pedestrian use.
One of the five pics I used to illustrate the problem of vehicles parking on the pedestrian route.

I’m happy to report the hotel has corrected the situation in a very simple manner: two planters.

Two simple planters tell motorists this isn't a parking space.
Two simple planters tell motorists this isn’t a parking space.

Thank you to the Omni Majestic for taking action to protect the pedestrian route to your hotel.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. GMichaud says:

    It is great that you have had a positive influence on the situation. That being said is a minor gesture on their part. It isn’t like they introduced an elaborate pedestrian environment, but the fact they react at all is remarkable. Most of the urban environment discussion is on the blogs rather than by major media. To me Paul McKee is a poster child for what is wrong with planning in the region.

    The fact you had to even say anything is proof of how oblivious the corporate and governmental leadership of St. Louis is to the fact actual human beings live in the city.
    I don’t know, but shouldn’t the planters be pushed out another couple of feet? If they wanted delineate a drop off area it is not shown in the photos.

    The truth is the mantra everywhere in the region is still cars, cars, cars.


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