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I’d Love an Urban Plant Nursery in Downtown St. Louis

March 5, 2013 Downtown, Featured, Retail 6 Comments

In the first months of this blog, three years before I moved downtown, I posted about what Washington Avenue was missing. In the eight years since many of the types of stores I listed have opened, though some closed as well. A florist & kitchen store are examples of two types of stores that opened and closed.

One retail type that didn’t occur to me at the time is a nursery.

ABOVEL Nursery in Manhattan on October 30, 2001
ABOVEL Nursery in Manhattan on October 30, 2001

Living downtown for 5+ years now I see a need for a nursery that can easily be reached without a car. Potted plants for indoors, bedding plants for the balcony, seeds and  other supplies. In addition to residents, office workers might like a small plant to brighten their desk. Paperwhites anyone?

Such a business could transform a dreary & forgotten space. All that’s needed is a fenced area that gets some sun & rain plus access to water & power.

ABOVE: One location might be this unused corner of the Mansion House complex
ABOVE: One location might be this unused corner (bottom left) of the Mansion House complex

There may not be a sufficient market for such a retail business downtown, it would most certainly be seasonal. Still I hope some green thumb reads this and considers it.

In the Central West End is the very nice, but pricey, Bowood Farms and associated Cafe Osage. Both are great but they’ve made a substantial investment in the location which is reflected in the prices. Still, when I had a car I’d go there as well as the former gas station turned nursery of University Gardens.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. Scott Jones says:

    You could easily do one on one of the (numerous) surface parking lots just off of Washington Ave. In the winter you just turn that sucker back into a parking lot.

    • tpekren says:

      Good thought, I wonder if the Botanical Garden ever floated such an idea as revenue source? Downtown location could be temporary/seasonal and they wouldn’t intrude on establish nursery. or even one of the established nurseries in the region.

  2. Will Fru says:

    Amazingly, University Gardens’ address is missing entirely from its website.

  3. Brad Waldrop says:

    The most likely sites for this, still within walking distance of many lofts, would be between Motor Lofts & Ely Walker Lofts on Washington AVE. Lots to the East are often busy, even if not every day. The lot just West of Ely Walker would work great if CPI Corp relocates or sells as publicized.

  4. Brad Waldrop says:

    There is/was a nursery just N of the Landing on N Broadway too. Too far to walk to though.


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