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Gateway Mall Advisory Board appointed by Mayor, approved by Aldermen

March 12, 2010 Downtown, Parks, Politics/Policy 17 Comments
ABOVE: Gateway Mall St. Louis looking West from Tucker
ABOVE: Gateway Mall St. Louis looking West from Tucker, January 2008

Today the St. Louis Board of Aldermen passed a resolution approving Mayor Slay’s nominees to serve on the initial Gateway Mall Advisory Board. The advisory board was formed last year by ordinance 68407.  The 14 appointed positions are:

1. A designee of the St. Louis Public Library;

2. Four representatives of businesses with physical locations adjacent to the Gateway Mall;

3. A real estate developer with one or more projects adjacent to the Gateway Mall;

4. A representative of the Downtown St. Louis Residents’ Association;

5. A representative of an organization which has conducted a festival or other special event in the Gateway Mall within two (2) years prior to appointment;

6. An architect or landscape architect;

7. A representative of a public arts organization or agency;

8. A person with expertise in urban sustainability;

9. A person appointed at large; and

10. Two persons, one designated by each of the Aldermen of Wards Six and Seven , respectively; after revision of ward boundaries, one person designated by the aldermen of any ward in which any part of the Gateway Mall is located.

Not all positions were filled by Today’s resolution, the remaining will be filled shortly. An additional 10 ex-officio positions round out the board.

ABOVE: Aloe Plaza across Market St from Union Station
ABOVE: Aloe Plaza across Market St from Union Station

From the press release:

Appointed by the Mayor to the Gateway Mall Advisory Board are A.J. Bruning, Downtown Resident’s Association; Jack Reis, EVS Realty; John Sondag, AT&T; Pat Shannon, Shannon’s Restaurant; Byron Marshall, Union Station; Waller McGuire, St. Louis Public Library; Steve Smith, The Lawrence Group; Mike Kocielo, Entertainment St. Louis; Andy Trivers, Trivers & Associates; Chris Fannin, HOK; Sarah Smith, Community Development Ventures; Mike Kinman, Christ Church Cathedral; Steve Patterson, Urban Review; and Les Sterman, Downtown Resident.

Serving in an ex-officio capacity will be Pete Rothschild, Red Brick Management; 6th Ward Alderman Kacie Starr-Triplett; 7th Ward Alderman Phyllis Young; Don Roe, St. Louis Planning & Urban Design; Gary Bess, Director of Parks, Recreation & Forestry; Maggie Campbell, Partnership for Downtown St. Louis; Ann Chance, Special Events Manager; Lynnea Magnuson, Soldier’s Memorial; and Patricia Roland-Hamilton, Gateway Mall Conservancy.

The Gateway Mall Advisory Board will likely convene in April.

Yes, my name is on the above list.  Thank you to Ald. Kacie Starr Triplett for agreeing to allow me to fill the slot representing the 6th ward.  The Gateway Mall Conservancy Board was also recently created:

Named to the Gateway Mall Conservancy Board were Peter Fischer, Gateway Foundation; Robert Archibald, Missouri Historical Society; Steve Cousins, Armstrong Teasdale LLP; John Ferring, Plaze, Inc.; David Mesker, retired, A.G. Edwards; Emily Rauh Pulitzer, Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts; Kitty Ratcliffe, St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission; Henry S. Webber, Washington University; Josephine Weil, Community Volunteer; and Patricia Roland-Hamilton as Executive Director.

More information can be found at GatewayMall.org.

– Steve Patterson


Currently there are "17 comments" on this Article:

  1. Kevin Barbeau says:

    That's great, Steve. Reading through this blog, I can tell you'll have nothing but the best intentions to not only make the mall look good, but to make it a place that locals and tourists alike regularly visit…and in turn build downtown St. Louis' standing as a livable city.

    And don't be afraid (not that you would be) to question the city and raise a stink about other redevelopment/revitalization efforts as well. Use that pull!

  2. Will says:

    How does Red Brick Mgmt qualify for an ex officio seat on this board?

  3. Kevin Barbeau says:

    One more thing: Step one — have them get rid of the 'art' between 10th Street and 11th. That series of four-foot walls (forming a triangle) is ugly beyond sin and does nothing to get people to, you know, go there.

    I still can't quite figure out why that was commissioned and who thought it would look good in the first place.

    • That is “Twain” by Richard Serra. I personally believe it can be kept but the block needs major upgrades. It would help to have the work labeled somewhere in the block. I'd like to see walkways up to and through the piece so I could approach it in my wheelchair.

  4. JZ71 says:

    Good luck – seriously. My experience with advisory boards has been mixed, but the real challenge will be empowerment – are you all there just for show / to act as a buffer, or will you all be able to set, and stick to, a definite direction? Will the formal positions you all take, on any issue, be respected? Or just “followed” when they're non-controversial? The potential is there with the hitters already listed. Keeping them both engaged and focused, especially over the next year or so, will ultimately set the tone for the Board's future.

  5. Congratulations, Steve!

  6. Lou Hamilton says:

    Steve – Congratulations! You are now part of the establishment of “usual suspects” – and I am confident that you will bring valuable perspective to this new oversight group. Try not to be distracted or disillusioned by the critics and the naysayers…LOL….

    Really, congraulations!

    Lou Hamilton

  7. margien says:

    Go Steve! Aloe Plaza and the Milles sculpture are especially dear to me … I hope this block will get the restoration, lighting, etc it deserves. Also, please advocate for the conversion of Serra's Twain into a neighborhood dog park by putting in plexi swinging gate/doors in the spaces between. ; )

  8. John O'Brien says:

    Nice Steve. Let me know if you need a copy of my revisions to their plan we discussed a couple years ago.

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