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KMOX NewsRadio Used My Photo Without Attribution (Updated 2X)

When I first read KMOX’s May 13th story, Paul McKee — What’s his plan for north St. Louis? I thought something, the image used, looked familiar.  Here is how the story looked on KMOX’s website:

I reviewed my 160+ published images from an August 16, 2007 bus tour of Paul McKee’s properties and there was the image used in KMOX’s online story:

I published the above image and the others from the bus tour to Flickr that same day, 8/16/2007.  On August 21, 2007 I published  Bus Tour of Dilapitated McKee-owned Properties Ignored Other Issues using 20 images from the 160 I took that day.  The above image was among the 20 used.

I have 15,000+ images published on the photo sharing site Flickr, all using a Creative Commons license which grants the right to use the image provided attribution is listed:

Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).

But CBS-owned KMOX 1120AM used my photo as if it was their own with no attribution to the source.

My photos are part of my work.  I want them used but I want the credit.

I’ve emailed numerous persons on KMOX’s website asking for attribution or for them to cease using my image.    Hopefully they will see fit to give me credit.

UPDATE 5/18/09 @ 9:10AM — In the last hour KMOX has removed my image from their story.

UPDATE 5/18/09 @10:30AM — Just received phone call from KMOX Reporter Kevin Killeen apologizing for the uncredited use of my image.


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  1. Turd Ferguson says:

    Sorry, Steve. Hopefully they do revise the attribute or take the image down, but if they don’t, it won’t be the first time one of the self-annointed “players” in St. Louis media think they can get away with dirty crap.

  2. Jake says:

    If you it really bothers you and you have a little bit of time and money, you could always sue them in small claims court: http://consumerist.com/345963/suing-big-companies-in-small-claims-court-is-fun-and-easy

  3. Jane says:

    Keep us updated, I would love to know what they do!

  4. Jason says:

    Man…that sucks. I’m sorry you have to deal with that. I’ve been fortunate here in Springfield that the local media still respects things like this. (Other local bloggers? Not so much. 😉 )

    Keep calling ’em out for doing it!

  5. awb says:

    It would have cost them 4 words: “Photo by Steve Patterson.”

    Still no attribution for the days the photo appeared with the story. How unprofessional!

    All we hear these days is how the media are suffering because they are losing ad revenue due to falling customer base. Well, we the public are suffering from lack of journalistic integrity. This is a classic example. Is this what the reporters learned in school or at KMOX? If you can get away with it, go for it! If you get caught, do the least possible to cover your butt and not actually admit to an error or omission!

    Way to go KMOX. If I ever have cause to question a story you present, I’ll remember how you handled this. No credibility points for you.

  6. thoughts from south grand says:

    you are getting kicked out of meetings and people are stealing your stuff…….congratulations you are on the map

  7. gisnap says:

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