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How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police

December 23, 2007 Crime, Popular Culture 4 Comments

A very cute little video by the very funny Chris Rock offering helpful tips on ‘How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police.’   Warning, some strong language:

Maybe we should teach this in the schools?


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  1. John W. says:

    Some high quality stuff… on the order of Dave Chapelle for sure.

  2. thoughts from south grand says:

    that is good stuff, have seen it before

    i remember when i was at wash u the clayton cops would routinely hassle the local black kids for DWB

    every once in a while they got a rich black kid from wu who would come back at them with a legal machine, pretty funny

  3. Jim Zavist says:

    The unfortunate part of much in humor is its basis in reality . . .

  4. ben says:

    This skit from Chris Rock tends to pop up in blogospheres around the country whenever there is an alleged police harassment event. Mostly recently, I believe it showed up on pubdef.net in 2006 after the Edmon Burns car chase/beatdown in Maplewood. I wonder how many of its viewers notice that the satire cuts both views; neither cops nor the guys seeking not to be arrested are shown in a favorable light.


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