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I’m a great-uncle, again!

November 12, 2004 Steve Patterson Comments Off on I’m a great-uncle, again!
One of the weird things about having a brother 17 years older than me is I have nieces four and six years younger than myself. I was 31 when I became a “great” uncle when my great-niece Joey was born. She is adorable! Well, today at 8:25am I got a great-nephew – Bryan Keith.
Bryan Keith is 7lbs 7oz; 19″ long:
While he might be yawning I’m smiling!



Good things come to those who blog

November 9, 2004 Steve Patterson Comments Off on Good things come to those who blog

When I started this blog it was simply a way to journal my numerous opinions. I had no real expectations. However, the feedback I’ve received has been great and unexpected.

“Steve Patterson’s blog Urban Review of St. Louis is a great addition to the ever-growing sea of St. Louis blogs. His writing is trenchant and unflinching, and he covers things that we can only wish to have time and energy to cover.”
Michael Allen, Ecology of Absence website and blog

This is wonderful praise given the depth Michael and Claire Nowak-Boyd’s writing on both the website and blog. Check them out!

“Glad to see you’re blogging intelligently on these issues.”
James Howard Kunstler

Kunstler is one of the leading authors on urbanity starting with the now classic “Geography of Nowhere” followed by “Home From Nowhere” and most recently “The City in Mind: Notes on the Urban Condition.” If you are like me and you can’t get enough of Kunstler’s witty writing you’ll want to check out his blog which is called “Clusterfuck Nation Chronicle.” If you know Kunstler’s writing you’ll understand the title. Another reason I check out his site if the monthly features known as “Architectural Blunders” – a photographic look at examples of a Clusterfuck Nation. I highly recommend his books – in the order listed above. Most libraries have them as do most bookstores. In the meantime, check out his website.



If you’re not part of the future then get out of the way

November 5, 2004 Popular Culture, Steve Patterson Comments Off on If you’re not part of the future then get out of the way

Today I was making a mix CD for a friend and I listened closer to John Mellencamp’s 2001 song Peaceful World. Certainly a peaceful world would be nice. Below is an excerpt from from the lyrics:

Racism lives in the U.S. today
Better get hip to what Martin Luther King had to say
I don’t want my kids being brought up this way
Hatred to each other is not okay
Well I’m not a preacher just a singer son
But I can see more work to be done
It’s what you do and not what you say
If you’re not part of the future then get out of the way

These words ring very true at this time and apply to many things from my personal life, to St. Louis, to the nation and world.

“It’s what you do and not what you say.”
Wow, so true.

To all you St. Louis “leaders” and the religious zealots out there:
You are not part of my future. Get the fuck out of my way!