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Patterson Won East of Grand

March 22, 2005 25th Ward Comments Off on Patterson Won East of Grand

Detail election results by precinct and regular vs. absentee ballots show that I received 278 votes from the 1st & 4th Precincts (East of Grand) compared to Dorothy Kirner’s 262 (52% to 48%). Looking at ballots cast on election day I had 268 while Dorothy Kirner had 228 (54% to 46%). Her 34 absentee ballots to my 10 closed the gap East of Grand but it was still in my favor by 16 votes. On election day the two precincts East of Grand had 704 more registered voters than the two precincts West of Grand (3,577 to 2,873).

It was West of Grand where I lost the election. As this is Kirner’s backyard I don’t think anyone was surprised. Including absentee ballots Kirner received 292 votes to my 159 votes (65% to 35%). Of those totals 27 were absentee ballots for Kirner while I only had one (thank you, whomever you were).

Final vote count was 554 for Kirner and 437 for me (55.9% to 44.1%). Ballots cast on election day were 493 for Kirner and 426 for me. Kirner had 61 absentee votes to my 11 absentee votes.

The best turnout in the 25th Ward was in the 1st precinct, which happens to be my precinct, at 15.46%. Close behind was the 3rd precinct at 15.36%, the 2nd precinct at 15.34% and finally the 4th precinct at 13.11%. Overall the 25th Ward had a 15.92% turnout (including absentee).

The 25th Ward was second to last in turnout in Wards where the Aldermanic seat was contested. The 19th Ward had a turnout of 14.16% compared to our 15.92%. In that Ward incumbent Mike McMillan received 89.05% of the vote over challenger Mwenyeji Mtu. Lowest turnout was the 9th Ward with 12.17% while the highest was Slay’s own 23rd Ward where 29.42% of the registered voters exercised their civic duty.

In the Mayoral race the 25th Ward results were as follows:
Slay – 783 (78.3%)
Haas – 47 (4.7%)
Smith – 170 (17%)

Comptroller Darlene Green was unchallenged but received 831 votes out of 1,027 ballots cast. We had 196 people that decided not to vote in favor of an unopposed candidate. In contested races 27 people didn’t make any selection for Mayor and 36 people made no selection for Alderman.

The Green Party in the 25th Ward cast 5 ballots with sole candidate Willie Marshall only getting 3 votes (not quite sure what the other two people were thinking if they didn’t vote for Marshall).

I’m quite pleased with the final results and knowing the people East of Grand recognized a need for a change. Hopefully the results will send a clear message.

– Steve


25th Ward Club Endorses Three Candidates for School Board

March 22, 2005 25th Ward 1 Comment

Tonight the 25th Ward Regular Democratic Club held its March meeting on a special night. The Club endorsed Veronica O’Brien, William (Bill) Purdy, and Peter Downs.

Nine members of the 25th Ward Club cast ballots as well as State Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford and State Senator Maida Coleman. One of the eleven ballots cast was only for a single candidate while the other ten ballots were for three candidates. The results were as follows (in the order listed on the ballot):

Veronica O’Brien – 7
William (Bill) Purdy – 5
Frank W. Kriegel, Jr. – 3
Nancy Galvin – 1
Joe Moramarco – 1
Flint W. Fowler – 4
Joseph Keaveny – 3
Peter Downs – 7


Upcoming Meetings/Events in and around the 25th Ward

March 16, 2005 25th Ward 4 Comments

Saturday, March 19, 2005; 9am

The Trinity-Dutchtown Neighborhood Association will hold its monthly meeting at Trinity Church school on Itaska at Grand. The T-D Association boundaries are Virginia on the East, Delor on the South, Grand on the West and Meramec on the North. For more information contact Ursula Rudolph at (314) 353-4208.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005; 7:30pm

The 25th Ward Regular Democratic Club will hold its regular monthly meeting on a special night for March (normally held on the 4th Thursday). All of the candidates for the School Board have been invited to speak. Voting members, myself included, will be voting to endorse candidates in the April 5th election. Location is the downstairs hall at Resurrection School, 3880 Meramec.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005; 7pm

Mayor Francis Slay will be the guest speaker at the March meeting of the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Association. The MPNA meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday at the Charless Home. Enter from the Nebraska street parking lot.

Thursday, March 24, 2005; 7pm

The 1st District Police Public Affairs meeting will feature Judge Jack Garvey from St. Louis’ Juvenile Court. The meeting location is outside the 25th Ward at the Windsor Community Center, 4092 Robert, 63116. For more information you can contact Officer Kent Womack at (314) 444-0176.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

Operation Brightside’s annual Blitz 2005 will be held for those of us south of Meramec (most of the 25th Ward). North of Meramec and East of Grand will be April 9th. North of Meramec and West of Grand will be April 16th. Click here for more information.

Sunday, April 3, 2005; Noon to 4pm

ReVitalize St. Louis/The Rehabber’s Club will hold the annual Big Big Tour on Sunday April 3rd. Hundreds of for sale houses will be open all over the city. This is an excellent time for us to really market our neighborhoods!

Monday, April 4, 2005; 7pm-9pm

The Dutchtown South Community Corporation will hold a “Block Coordinator Networking” meeting at the Thomas Dunn Learning Center, 3113 Gascondade. For more information call the Dutchtown office at (314) 352-4865 or contact them by email.

I will make most of the meetings. If you see me please be sure to say hello!

– Steve


25th Ward Street & Alley Repaving Program

March 16, 2005 25th Ward Comments Off on 25th Ward Street & Alley Repaving Program

During the recent election Alderman Kirner sent out a piece of literature which said:

“She is one of the only aldermen that ever developed a street and alley repaving program from a neighborhood survey!”

I look forward to seeing this “Street & Alley Repaving Program.” Hopefully we will receive a copy at an upcoming neighborhood meeting or on Alderman Kirner’s website.

My questions are:
• The time between the survey being mailed and the piece promoting the plan was only two weeks. Was this sufficient time to receive back surveys and develop a plan?
• Does the plan only cover those streets and alleys where residents returned surveys?

After reading the plan I may have additional questions such as expected time frame, were alternatives to repaving (such as repairing alleys as advocated by Alderman Craig Schmid) given any consideration and overall costs.

Alderman Kirner can be contacted at:
Home (314) 351-5346
City Hall (314) 622-3287
Fax (314) 622-4273
Via email

I will share additional views after reviewing the program in detail.

– Steve


Public Hearing for Day Care Center on Virginia

March 16, 2005 25th Ward Comments Off on Public Hearing for Day Care Center on Virginia

A public hearing will be held next week regarding a proposed Day Care center at 4657 Virginia. If you have strong feelings for or against the conditional use zoning for a day care center now is your chance to be heard:

PUBLIC NOTICE-A Conditional Use Hearing will be held in Room 208 City Hall at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 24, 2005, on the following conditional uses:

4657 Virginia-#AO328491-05-Day Care (8, infants and 12, 2 1/2 – 12 yrs) M-F 6A-Midnight (1st Floor)-“F” Neighborhood Commercial District. Ward 25

You can also share your views with Alderman Kirner at:
Home (314) 351-5346
City Hall (314) 622-3287
Fax (314) 622-4273
Via email

You may also want to contact Mary Hart, Zoning Administrator for the Building Division:
Room 400, City Hall
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103
Phone: (314) 622-3666
Fax: (314) 552-7617


I think this is a great building – I love how the front wall is parallel to the street and thus not perpendicular to the side walls. With any store front space, I’m concerned about how the space interacts with the street. Too often these spaces are not open to the sidewalk to create a lively streetscape.

– Steve