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Proposed Daycare Center Continues to Paint Brick Building

May 27, 2005 25th Ward Comments Off on Proposed Daycare Center Continues to Paint Brick Building


Back in 2001 I took the picture, at right, of 4657 Virginia. A stunning building with wonderful brick. The color is great with excellent detailing. Inside the entry to the left is glazed brick.


Fast forward to April 20, 2005 and the building gets paint job. Literally. Painting a store front is one thing – it is supposed to get painted. Painting brick, with some very rare exceptions, should never be done. The building owner in this case got paint all over the brick, glass and the glazed brick in the left entryway.


The close-up shot below shows the massive over spray. Note the corner brick detail.


Earlier today I snapped this shot of the brick receiving even more paint. A big yellow stripe.

Most brick buildings in St. Louis were never meant to be painted. This is why they have such interesting textures & colors. Painting them, in my perspective, is criminal and almost always destroys the character of the building.

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– Steve


Daycare Center Appeal Hearing Rescheduled to May 25th

May 16, 2005 25th Ward 4 Comments

The proposed daycare center on Virginia at Itaska was supposed to have a hearing on May 4th. However, at that hearing the applicant appealing the denial of the occupancy permit asked for an extension which was granted. The new hearing date is May 25th.

For more information (and pictures) read my posts from March 16th and May 2nd:

PUBLIC NOTICE-A public hearing will be held by the Board of Adjustment at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25, 2005, in Room 208 City Hall to consider the following:

APPEAL #8441-Appeal filed by Montrice Lewis, from the determination of the Board of Public Service in the denial of an occupancy permit authorizing the Appellant to operate a day care center for 20 children at 4657 Virginia. Ward 25 #AO328491-05 Zone: “F” Neighborhood Commercial District.


Talk of Barricades & One-Way Streets

May 12, 2005 25th Ward 6 Comments

From 20th Ward Alderman Craig Schmid:


The police major for the South Patrol Division has compiled statistics to show that 2/3 of the folks arrested in our area come from outside of the neighborhoods. Therefore, he is committed to working with the City and neighborhoods to install barricades and one-way streets to deal with the easy accessibility of our neighborhoods to criminals. These are just proposals (which are in a number of wards), but the intent would be to try to put them in place by June. Let me know what you think.

Texas south of Arsenal; Juniata east of Minnesota; Nebraska north of Juniata; Ohio south of Arsenal; Pennsylvania south of Wyoming; Winnebago west of Jefferson; California north of alley to the north of Chippewa; Osage west of Broadway; Ohio south of Gasconade; Compton between Osage and Gasconade [Marquette Park].

Change 36xx Iowa to one-way north (was south); Meramec from Broadway to California one-way west; Osage from Virginia to Louisiana one-way west; Osage from Virginia to Compton one-way east; Miami from Arkansas to Grand one-way west; Osage from Tennessee to Louisiana one-way east (neighbor suggests one way west); Osage from Virginia to Louisiana one-way west (neighbor suggests one way east from Louisiana to Compton); Louisiana 34xx block one-way north (neighbor suggests leaving two-way); 35xx Pennsylvania one-way north (was south); 36xx Iowa one-way north (was south); Jefferson one way east from Texas to Jefferson.


These proposed changes are in a number of wards, including the 25th. I am personally opposed to the idea of these barricades and one-way streets. Below is an email I sent to Craig today:

I just got a copy of an email you sent out about considering changes to streets to control crime. As you might expect, I have some opinions on the subject. The short version is blockades and one-way streets are bad news overall. Here is the long version:

Barricades and one-way streets do work to control outside criminals because it reduces accessibility. However, it does the same for residents. Nothing screams “ghetto” more than those big ugly concrete barriers. These send the message to developers and buyers the area is unsafe and a ghetto.

Initially you will see a quick drop in the outside criminals but will also see a drop in interest from outsiders looking for a place to live. Insiders will begin to feel trapped by the barricades. Still others will cling to the barricades and fight any efforts to eventually remove them. In the West End they were effective in helping houses on one side of the barricades while the other side continued to rot. Now it is a challenge to remove the barricades to let development continue.

One-way streets have a similar effect. They are mostly to move traffic at higher speeds. This makes them less friendly streets to live on. The criminals will adjust but residents won’t. One-way streets are also not pedestrian or bicycle friendly as they encourage motor traffic to go by at higher rates. When bicycling you don’t want to have to go to the next block to ride with traffic. This may encourage more wrong-way cycling which could lead to increased accidents and deaths.

Barricades and one-way streets would, in the long term, be highly destructive to the area. I personally will not invest in any area that contains them. Many young people feel the same way. These measures would be a huge mistake. We need to look at alternative solutions.

– Steve

I do want to say that I applaud Craig for bringing issues like this to the people and asking for their opinion. The easy thing for Craig to do in his ward would just be to have it done and deal with the complaints after the fact. I like that he is bringing up a potentially controversial issue so they public can discuss the proposal, make alternative suggestions and in general be heard by those they are serving. Democracy in action.

– Steve


Patterson Discusses Recent Aldermanic Election

May 11, 2005 25th Ward 1 Comment

In late March I wrote a piece for The Commonspace about my experiences running for alderman. It was intended for release in April but it just same out today. Funny, the election was two months ago but it seems like longer.

Click here for the May 2005 issue of The Commonspace. My article is the first one in the “Church and State” section.

– Steve


BikeClass.com launched

May 8, 2005 25th Ward 1 Comment

Today I launched a new web site devoted to offering bike education courses in St. Louis: BikeClass.com. Classes and private instruction will begin in July. Check the site for updates or email me if you’d like to be notified when a class schedule has been determined.

– Steve