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Readers: Room Rental Should Be Allowed

September 16, 2015 Economy, Politics/Policy 1 Comment

The results of the nonscientific Sunday Poll show support for short-term room rentals:

Q: Many St. Louis area municipalities frown on residents renting a room(s) for a few days at a time to strangers, similar to a hotel. Thoughts?

  1. Room rental should not be regulated, should be allowed 16 [51.61%]
  2. Boarding houses were outlawed for good reason 10 [32.26%]
  3. Unsure/No Opinion 4 [12.9%]
  4. Other: Compromise option: Have some regulation & education but otherwise leave open. 1 [3.23%]

This issue is being debated in one of 90 municipalities in St. Louis County:

Airbnb could be coming here after all.

The Maplewood City Council on Tuesday gave tentative approval to a measure to allow “short-term vacation rentals” in the residential district and to another that would establish regulations on them.

Last month when a motion to delay a bill to allow short-term rentals failed, City Manager Martin J. Corcoran said it couldn’t be reconsidered for six months. However, on Tuesday he said he misspoke in August and the delay wasn’t necessary. Therefore, the council considered the measure again. (Post-Dispatch)


— Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    As seen with the discussion over bike paths in Des Peres, earlier this week, there is a range of opinions on any type of property use. It really boils down to “It’s not a problem . . . until it is!” As with most things involving humans, 90%-95% don’t (and won’t) cause any problems, it’s the 5%-10% that do create conflicts that cause / require government intervention.


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