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Readers: Price, Convenience, Selection Are Shopping Influencers

November 21, 2012 Featured, Retail 1 Comment

In the poll last week readers picked price as their top factor in deciding there to shop this holiday season.  Early in the week convenience was the top answer but it ended up just one vote behind price.

ABOVE: Brothers Randy (L) and Jeff Vines (R) of STL-Style on Cherokee at Compton.

Q: Factors influencing where you’ll shop this holiday season (pick up to 3)

  1. Price 41 [21.24%]
  2. Convenience 40 [20.73%]
  3. Selection 27 [13.99%]
  4. Sales/Specials 24 [12.44%]
  5. Shipping 14 [7.25%]
  6. Customer service 12 [6.22%]
  7. Ownership 9 [4.66%]
  8. Politics of retailer 8 [4.15%]
  9. Other: 8 [4.15%]
  10. Employment policies 6 [3.11%]
  11. Unsure, N/A, no answer 3 [1.55%]
  12. Layaway plan 1 [0.52%]
  13. Financing terms 0 [0%]

Interesting results, a decade ago I doubt shipping would’ve gotten any votes.

  1. Patronize local shops in my neighborhood
  2.  Within the St. Louis City boundaries!
  3. Image / attitude
  4. Locally Owned / Small Business
  5. local
  6. shop the city!
  7. Cleanliness of store and patrons
  8. Parking 😉

— Steve Patterson


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  1. JZ71 says:

    Interesting results. The top three, by a wide margin, define the typical shopping experience. 5 and 6 either offer an interesting counterpoint (bricks and mortar versus online) or a real shift to online sites with great customer service, at the expense of a perceived (or real) drop in face-to-face customer service. 7 – 13 are all minor elements, each important to only a few respondents. The biggest question (from 5 and 6) is/will be the impact on smaller, local stores. If shoppers are shifting from big boxes to online, it’s probably good for urban areas. But if shoppers are shifting from local retailers to online, it just adds another hurdle to the profitability and the ongoing presence of small, urban stores – think bookstores, record stores and specialty food vendors. Online retailers don’t need storefronts and passing pedestrians, they need great websites, warehouses and shipping resources . . . .


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