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Poll: Where Do You Read Local Blogs?

October 21, 2012 Books, Sunday Poll 3 Comments

Blogs are now mainstream information sources and St. Louis is fortunate to have blogs on nearly every topic imaginable. Hopefully UrbanReviewSTL.com is among your top St. Louis blogs but even if it isn’t I’m curious where you do your reading of blogs. Is it at work? Home? School? Mobile?

Vote in the weekly poll in the right sidebar, smartphone users switch to the full layout to vote. My guess is most read at work but we will see. results will be presented on Wednesday October 31st.

— Steve Patterson


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  1. Chris Fitz says:

    I started reading Vanishing STL a while ago. I continue to this day. I have Vanishing set as a bookmark and use his site to keep up with the other sites post via his Blogroll on the right side of his page.

    I rarely read from my desktop. Almost 100% of my leisure reading anymore is done via my iPad.

  2. my first was built saint louis about a year and a half ago, then next stl then your site around the end of last December, I read it on my laptop at home like now or in class on break.


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