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Gravois is better with fewer lanes

April 24, 2010 South City, Transportation 4 Comments
ABOVE: road construction on Gravois near Russell

Crews have been busy replacing the surface concrete on bridges on 12th and Gravois.  In doing so they’ve reduced the number of lanes to what they should be all the time. Gravois feels less like a highway with fewer lanes.

– Steve Patterson


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  1. STLgasm says:

    I think the width of Gravois makes it the logical choice for a streetcar line. For one thing, streetcars helped to develop the street. In addition, the line would connect downtown to major thoroughfares throughout the South Side (Park, Russell, Jefferson, Compton, Cherokee, Grand, Gustine, Morganford, Kingshighway, Loughborough, River Des Peres). In my view, this alignment is much more logical than the preferred Jefferson route. Connecting these streets and neighborhoods would essentially make living car-free in South City a very achievable option, not to mention reinvigorating fledgling commercial districts along the line. Why was this alignment ruled out? It seems like a no-brainer.

  2. John Regenbogen says:

    Agreed…. the excess lanes could be ideal for a streetcar or dedicated seperated bike greenway.

  3. Jay says:

    Tucker had 3 lanes going into downtown. Now Tucker is two lanes going into downtown and Gravois is still 3 lanes from Tucker to Jefferson. That is way too much capacity, and it does feel like a highway. Even if MoDOT reduces the number of lanes and adds a center turn lane it would be an improvement. Right now you can't turn left onto Jefferson from east(north)Gravois and it would add a turn lane for cars trying to turn left onto Mississippi and toward Lafayette Square

  4. Tina says:

    Years ago (over 20 I think), Gravois used to have reversible lanes….


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