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Bike to Work Day Friday May 15th

Tomorrow, Friday May 15, 2009, is bike to work day, as part of National Bike Month:

May 15, 2009, Friday 6:30 – 9:00 AM
Join Trailnet for a continental breakfast during your bike commute to work! Three refueling stations:

I work from home and suffered a stroke 15 months ago so…

Well, even I decided to get into the spirit this week:

Tuesday evening.
Above: yours truly Tuesday evening.

I didn’t ride far but the important thing is I did ride a bit.  Here is proof:


So if I can get myself onto a trike can’t you ride your bike to work tomorrow?


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  1. Oceans 11 says:

    That location looks suspiciously suburban!
    Has someone been beyond Lindbergh?

    [slp — LOL, North County.]

  2. Miss MetroLink says:

    Go Steve! That bike looks awesome!

  3. Ms. Racette says:

    Good to see it! I biked to work yesterday only to find my rear tire flat when time to return home. For all the bikers out there, how effective are the quick fix-a-flat sets? Make sure there is a contingency plan (or just inspect your bike regularly) to make sure you don’t have the same fate as myself….walking home instead….

  4. Reginald Pennypacker III says:

    I’ll be driving

  5. john says:

    As reported yesterday by the MoBikeFed: “HB 683 locks out Complete Streets and other issues MoDOT opposes. It started as a minor bill but had dozens of transportation-related provisions were added at a very late moment in the legislative process.”

    “The reason for this last-minute, back-room maneuver was to keep provisions out of the bill that MoDOT opposed–including Complete Streets, which was approved unanimously by the House Transportation Committee and has been included in all proposed transportation omnibus bills from that chamber.”

  6. Mark Groth says:

    That bike is sweet!

  7. Darrin says:

    I would love to bike to work today! Of course, that means I’d have a job. Maybe I’ll just bike to my daily job search from the garage into the home office.

  8. jane linders says:

    Got any cool photos of bikes? If so, there’s a call for art at Soulard Art Market for bike related art.


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