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Neighbors in Fountain Park Neighborhood Continue Organizing

April 15, 2009 Events/Meetings, History/Preservation 3 Comments

Few neighborhoods symbolize St. Louis as well as Fountain Park (map). The once densely filled neighborhood retains much of the feel it would have in the 19th Century.

The namesake park is beautifully scaled.  The gently curving street pleasantly deviates from the street grid.

But for the last half century the neighborhood has had some of the same issues faced by others: fewer residents, fewer businesses, a concentration of lower income residents and nuisance crimes.  Stately homes with owners unable to afford increasing maintenance costs.

Despite its issues, the neighborhood remains appealing.  Efforts continue to reverse its fortunes.


Neighbors plan to meet with city officials this Saturday (4/18/09) at Centenial Church (4950 Fountain), 10am.  This is a neighborhood worth fighing for.


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  1. Steveo says:

    Good stuff. I absolutely love the neighborhood and considered moving there a couple years ago. To be honest, the problem is that property values are still pretty high for what you get. I think nicer homes (and a more developed neighborhood) can be found in Benton Park, Tower Grove, etc.

  2. toby weiss says:

    The remodeling firm I work for did a masterbedroom remodel on the 2nd floor of one of these homes. They’ve lived there since the late 70s, all the kids are gone, and finally ready to pamper themselves.

    Point being, the longtime residents are digging in and improving what they cherish. Pushing the neighborhood meetings is not only a good idea, but a heartwarming one.


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