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Thinking of Marti

March 14, 2008 Steve Patterson 14 Comments

As you all know by now, I had a stroke last month. I thought i’d answer some questions I know many of you have. this all started on the 1st of Feb. i was at home and got a headache. i started to lay down but then got up to take some aspirin. when doing so i realized I could not remain standing. I lowered mself to the floor so I would not fall.

I pulled myself around on the floor hoping to get to mr cell. i began some serious projectile vomitting. the next morning a good friend let herself into my place and she called 911. i ended up in ICU @SLU (image above).When this struck, my thoughts turned to Marti frumoff whodied last year.

i am so grateful to be alive and doing well in the rehab therapy. – steve

please excuse typos above as I am typing this myself using only my right hand.


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  1. Jim Zavist says:

    Hang in there – we all want you back!

  2. Tom Shrout says:

    Hi Steve,

    Good luck in rehab. Your presence is missed.


  3. Shelley Sanderson says:

    As scary as you looked when we came to see you, I have to say… you made that hospital gown look HOT!!! And the tape on your face and eyebrow… oh, yea – you were working it!!! 🙂
    Love you!!
    -Your favorite niece 🙂

    [slp – lol] 

  4. Get better Steve. You are very much missed.

  5. dude says:

    Hey Steve,
    my dad almost died of a stroke. It was a shock. He had sky high blood pressure when he was 56. Nothing quite as crazy as your story and at least you can remember it? They got his blood pressure under control after a week at St. Mary’s. That was 12 years ago.

  6. Myke w/ a Y says:

    Good to hear you’re getting better Steve. Both of my Father’s parents have had multiple strokes, and they’re now in their 80’s. More people have been thinking and hoping good things for you than you know. 🙂

  7. Your Alderwoman says:

    Thinking of you and wishing you well.

  8. Richard Kenney says:

    Hey, that was some of my best portrait photography! No photo credit? I’ll see you in court, Mr. Patterson! Get well soon!

    [slp- lol, you didnt obtain the subjects approval so no credit.]

  9. Maurice says:

    Wow, one never knows when they will get hit with something out of the blue. Good luck in your recovery, the City needs your reporting.

  10. Lori says:

    Oh my goodness! You are in my prayers, Steve! Sounds like you’re rehabbing yourself just fine.

  11. STL Citizen says:

    Steve – what you’ve gone through has made me feel very blessed – I only had a TIA in September & was fine hours after the numbness surfaced. It made me realize that we all walk along never knowing when or if something will hit upon our health. Thank God we have a great support system in St. Louis – (even if we can’t afford healthcare,) we can always afford well-wishes and prayers for one another.

    This is certain: we’ll ALL become blessed by your recovery.

    [You and I have yet to meet – but I feel bad that I haven’t walked the whole four blocks from my workplace to your hospital room @ St. Mary’s. I’d like to meet a good-hearted stranger like you and tell you about the goings on at Loughborough Commons, Carondelet Park, the sidewalks, etc. I probably could find a better circumstance and setting than your hospital room, though!]

    [slp- room #641]

  12. stlmark says:

    It’s great to hear from you. Get well soon.

  13. Dionna says:

    Steve-we are all so proud of you!

    I’m really glad to see your posts, and that you’re hopping back so quickly.
    I hated seeing you like the above photo, and it’s been great being able to see you
    not all hooked up like that.

    You’re rockin’ it!

  14. Jeff V. says:

    Steve, glad to see you getting back in biz. As you can see from all the stalled projects recently, the city has been in limbo without you.


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