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Leaving St. Louis

March 19, 2008 Steve Patterson 7 Comments

Friday morning I head to my next stage —-   a long-term rehab facility in outstate Missouri.   When I return it should be back home.  I will post and return email as I can.  Keep The guest posts coming.  Thanks to Marcia, Dustin and so many others for their help.


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  1. Good luck, Steve. Come back well!

  2. Matt says:

    Good luck, Steve. I didn’t get a chance to visit you due to that pesky little school thing, but will eagerly await your return back to St. Louis.

  3. Jamie says:

    Best of luck with your rehab, Steve.

  4. Dionna says:

    Best of luck, Steve!!! I hear it’s a top notch place, so cool that you get to go there.
    We’ll miss you and can’t wait for your return.

  5. southsider says:

    just watched your video on pubdef. pretty humbling experience for you i guess. best wishes for a speedy recovery. having a number of experiences with health care over the years i am amazed at the people who work in the field. the pt s, nurses, and doc are truly blessed.

  6. Chad Johnson says:


    My thoughts and prayers are with you!!


  7. Mary Homan says:


    Just saw Antonio’s video and what a huge transformation from that picture you posted!! Please let us know where we can send you gaudy cards the size of small children!!




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