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New Motor Scooter Forum for St. Louis Region

July 29, 2007 Parking, Scooters 14 Comments

Earlier this month a diverse group of scooterists, myself included, established a new online resource for those who scooter in St. Louis: STLScooterForum.com. The forum has quickly gained over 50 registered members and is growing fast.

The forum uses the latest software to organize all the posts and discussions. Sections include areas such as a “newbie lounge”, a technical area for both vintage and modern scooters. The classifieds section might be the place where find that perfect scooter for yourself. Group rides are divided up into small, medium and large.

The ride sizes relate not to the size of the rider, but the size of their ride. I’m personally ‘large’ but my 49cc Honda Metropolitan is what the ‘small’ category is all about. Medium is for scooters up to 250cc and large is for those bigger 250cc. Yes, you can get some very large engine scooters that you can comfortably take on a cross country tour.


Above, scooters and motorcycles in designated parking at BJC in October 2006. Mine is the fourth one back. I recently met the owner of the blue/white Honda Metropolitan seen in front.

If you ride now or are perhaps curious about getting a scooter check out stlscooterforum.com if only for the links to local scooter/motorcycle dealers. One of the best links is to a Scooter Riding Tips PDF from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The forum was started with the intent to be the best resource for scooters in St. Louis, I think you’ll agree it is doing a fine job toward that goal.


Above, my scooter (and helmet @$&*^%$) got soaked in a recent downpour outside my office on South Kingshighway. One of the things you learn when scootering is sometimes it is best to alter your schedule when it starts to rain. Within 15 minutes after this picture was taken the rain had stopped and the sewer drains caught up with the overflow. I was then on my way down the street to The Royal.


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  1. SIG says:

    Off topic: It’s been a while. Read a few past blogs, but you’re too prolific for me to go too much further back. Great to see the rise to fame has continued. Interested in joining me to go to the Contemporary Art Museum one of these days ?

  2. stlmark says:

    Great news! I’ll sign up.

  3. Buck says:

    Do you lock your scooter up? It is just sitting there? Does anyone ever try to take it?

    [SLP — Good questions.  Yes, I do carry a cable and lock for extended periods and when I don’t think anyone is keeping an eye on my scooter (eyes on the street and all).  Regardless of cable, I always use two built-in locking methods.  First, the kickstand is locked into place so that it cannot be released.  Second, the steering column is locked.  Basically, someone would have to lift the scooter to steal it — giving me time to call the police (or stop them if they are not too big/armed).]

  4. Maggie says:

    Very cool mention, Steve!! Love your blog, looks like I have some reading to do!

  5. Jim Zavist says:

    Did you scooterists see the ad in the Riverfront Times on Page 34 for the movie Hot Rod? I can’t tell if they’re appealing to scooter riders or motorcycle riders.

  6. MJ says:


    Nice picture of scoots outside BJC!!! I work in West County and ride my scooter daily.

    Keep scootin’!!

  7. Ed Reggi says:

    Hey great article about the scooter forum but the Saint Louis Scooter Club (SLSC) Saint Louis’ _only_ open-to-all-riders scooter club has been meeting since the summer of 2007 at Schlafly’s Bottleworks in Maplewood every Wednesday night around 6pm to 7pm, sometimes we stay later to enjoy the local brew or often we ride to far off places around the St. Louis region. You can certainly find us via the Forum you blogged about or better yet check out our website http://www.stlscooterclub.com or http://www.stlscooterclub.com/forum for all the skinny.

    [SLP — At the time this was written your club didn’t exist. I don’t see them as being mutually exclusive either — one is a free online venue where the posts are open for all to read. The other is a private paid membership club. Quite different.]

  8. Maggie says:

    Heya Steve, our forums do not require any SLSC membership or money. To date the SLSC doesn’t even require any monies to join.. Matter of fact my donation to the stlscooterforums has cost me more than SLSC 🙂

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  10. Thats a cool site. But is there enough scooterers in that area to make the forum big? We’ll have to wait and see.

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