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Now is a Great Time to Buy a Scooter

October 10, 2006 Scooters 4 Comments

IMG_5847So there I was out taking photos of the planning disaster commonly known as Loughborough Commons and this great blue scooter enters off Loughborough. After getting a few pictures I was heading into the store to pick up a few items for myself. I spotted the beautiful blue scooter and parked next to it.

Once inside the store I see a former client, I sold him and his wife their corner storefront building used for their home and art studio. Turns out it was him on the scooter. We talked for a bit and he says he spent a while searching through eBay auctions and the local Craigslist before purchasing this beautiful 1981 Honda via eBay. He bought his scooter this summer after they returned from a vacation in Greece where scooters were commonplace, he said.

I bought my scooter in August 2005 via Craigslist. The owner had just bought it a few weeks before but quickly realized he was too tall for the size of the scooter. He likely got an OK deal on it from the dealer since it was a new 2004 model he bought in July 2005. But, I got an even better deal. He had already purchased a faster and bigger scooter and didn’t want to have both around so I was able to negotiate a good price.

At one time I had something like 8 bicycles and I could see myself having a whole collection of scooters. That is, if I were not paying $800/credit hour to attend Saint Louis University. But I did some searching this weekend on eBay and on Craigslist and there are many scooters for sale. You’ll find many ads that read something like, “Nearly new scooter, bought it and rode around the block a few times.” You can find 3-4 year old scooters with under 400 miles on them!

Many scooters are sold to people who think they will use them and then don’t. The trick here is to not have that happen to you.

Here is a current ad on our local Craigslist:

2005 Piaggio BV200 ONLY 1800 MILES!!! – $3950
I purchased this new in May and have had little time to ride it. Aside from a couple small scratches from rolling it in and out of my shed this bike is like new. I paid $5175 for this just 5 months ago so come get yourself a bargain!

This is a large & fast scooter, quite different than mine. It has a 200cc engine and will carry two people quite easily. At 1,800 miles this person actually has done some good riding but probably not enough to justify the expense.

Here are a few resources:

• stlscooter.com: I started this website a year ago and have done only a few posts. However, I did do a nice listing of local dealership on where to buy scooters as well as listing various manufacturers.

• eBay Search: Scooter: eBay is good but shipping can be a real headache and potentially offset any savings. You can search more locally in the advanced search. Be wary about cheap knockoffs that are sold on eBay. If you can’t verify the manufacturer then it is best to steer clear. As with anything on eBay, don’t get caught up in the moment and overpay.

Craigslist: Motorcycle/Scooter: The same warning applies here about no-name scooters being sold for what appears to be bargain pricing. Again, verify the maker of the scooter to see if they are reputable. If they are not on my list of manufacturers on STLScooter then beware. You might decide to search in Chicago or Kansas City as well if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Many scooters bought this past Spring and Summer will be sold this Fall. If you want a used scooter, now is the time to look.


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  1. Heather says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You! My husband and I were looking for a scooter for his work commute. It seems like the good ones are gone so quickly.

  2. Hans Gerwitz says:

    But I want an electric one! And every promising manufacturer or distributor has gone out of business (E-max), abandoned the US market (Oxygen), or is too small to have a presence in St. Louis for me to test ride (EVT, Evader).

    Maybe Vespa will bring the hybrids to US shores soon? I’m getting desperate.

  3. MJ says:

    Whomever buys the BV200 off Craigslist is getting a deal. I know the guy selling it and he takes good care of his machines.

    I bought my first scooter in June 2005. It was a Vespa LX50. I rode it very regularly until March of 2006. Because my commute to work included some hills I felt the need for something that would go up hills with greater speed, so I bought a Vespa LX150 and LOVE IT. I intend to ride this winter as I did most of last winter. Scooters CAN be ridden in the winter with the right amount of layering. Don’t think they are only for spring and summer

    To those who buy a scooter I invite you to join a couple of lists on yahoo..
    St Louis Scooter Riders at st_louis_scooter_riders_club@yahoogroups.com: we plan rides on this list

    If you want to talk about all things scooter join stlscootertalk@yahoogroups.com.

    Whatever you do…SCOOT ON!!!

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