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Audio From First Drive-Thru Hearing Online

To help establish a record of the testimony from the first hearing on the McDonald’s Drive-Thru conditional use hearing I have posted a series of 15 MP3 files. These files are the complete recording from the hearing in the order in which it was held on February 16, 2006.

You can hear for yourself how Jennifer Florida describes the quite suburban McDonald’s as “urban-style” and how franchise owner James Proctor indicates the new location will be open from 5:30am to 11:00pm.

Due to the size of the files I have placed these on a separate server. Click here to visit the site and take a listen.

– Steve


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  1. Benjamin Dover says:

    WOW! Lampe sure made herself look like an idiot. Was she for or against? It sounds like in her heart she was against the relocation but since she basically relies on Florida for her job it sounds like she felt obligated to testify in some regard “in favor” of the McDonald’s.

    To hear Florida repeatedly call this plan “urban” and “pedestrian friendly” almost made me fall off my chair! There is nothing about this site plan or building that is either one of those things. She may have said it so many times that she is starting to believe it herself. But, she has been more than deceptive with regard to this deal so I no longer give her the benefit of the doubt and am sure she knows she is lying. Whatever it takes to please your contributors, I guess…

    Glad there is so much talk of recall. If you do not represent your constituency and commit what might be construed as fraud you no longer should have the honor of representing the people.


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