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The High Cost of Free Parking

December 13, 2005 Books 1 Comment

highcostfree.jpgUCLA urban planning professor, Donald Shoup, recently published a book entitled “The High Cost of Free Parking.” Looks like a good read. From NYC urban site “starts and fits”:

The issue of parking is looked at from many different angles in the book, all adding up to the same issue … free parking creates the “asphalt commons” problem. As parking is free, and exclusive, it is over used. This overuse creates numerous negative side effects.

For the full review click here.

Local book retailer Left Bank Books now has online ordering. This shows up as a special order book. The first chapter is available as a free PDF here. The list price is $59.95, typical of books from the American Planning Association. Ouch.

– Steve


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  1. Jeff says:

    Great article! I bet you can find tons of businesses that have plenty of open parking spaces for days on end. Some I am sure are NEVER used. Check out many of the Walgreens. I truely believe that at each location they have MORE than they will EVER use! I wish the people who DON’T drive could get a reduced price for their purchases. I know they technically get it by not driving… but they should get a “parking space” price reduction! That would make people rethink driving to a place they have to pay more for.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Keep Cycling,


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