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Readers Mixed On ‘Most Dangerous’ List

December 15, 2010 Crime, Sunday Poll No Comments

img_1411The results were mixed on the poll last week.

Q: St. Louis was recently named the ‘Most Dangerous City’ by CQ Press. Your thoughts:

  1. The methodology may be flawed but there is some truth to it 51 [29.31%]
  2. If they looked at metropolitan areas the St. Louis region wouldn’t be on the list at all. 50 [28.74%]
  3. The study methodology is highly flawed so the results can’t be trusted. 27 [15.52%]
  4. St. Louis is dangerous, but not the most dangerous. 27 [15.52%]
  5. Other answer… 8 [4.6%]
  6. Take that Camden NJ, we’re #1 this year! 7 [4.02%]
  7. Agreed, St. Louis is the most dangerous. 3 [1.72%]
  8. unsure/no opinion 1 [0.57%]

The other answers were:

  1. The city is very dangerous
  2. Horsecrap. So far.
  3. Major cities like Chicago aren’t even considered for this “honor”
  4. Dangerous enough to matter in the negative!
  5. The city is extremely violent, however the city/county divide scews the results
  6. No, St. Louis is not the most dangerous city.
  7. Not the most dangerous, but dangerous enough and we need to fix it, now!
  8. St. Louis is no more dangerous than any other large city.

I have no great conclusions based on the above other than 1) St. Louis can be dangerous 2) the results are flawed & 3) probably not the most dangerous. You see anything else in the numbers?

– Steve Patterson


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