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NoDrive-Thru.com Launched Over McDonald’s On Grand

I’ve written so much about the poorly designed anti-urban McDonald’s proposed for South Grand that it is all running together. If you are just finding this information it may be a bit overwhelming. To help facilitate finding the articles I created a “McDonald’s on Grand” category some time ago. Articles are posted with the latest at the top so if you need to catch up start at the bottom.

To make it even easier to communicate the message I’ve registered NoDrive-Thru.com (as well as without the hyphen, nodrivethru.com). Both domains will lead people to this site and my category on McDonald’s.

As this controversy continues NoDrive-Thru.com will branch out from here and become a full-fledged website as we continue to spread the message of aldermanic abuse, anti-urban planning, deep pocketed developers, and a questionable fast food establishment. In the meantime be sure to tell people to visit nodrive-thru.com for all the latest.

– Steve


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  1. Brad Mello says:

    Go get ’em Steve! I haven’t read all your posts on this issue but I’m wondering if you’ve considered the health issue of McDonalds. If you haven’t seen “Super Size Me” you should. It’s a humorous and insightful take on the evils of fast food — particularly McDonalds. So in addition to it being really bad development, polluting us with car exhaust and trash, it’s also polluting our arteries as well.


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