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Daycare Center Appeal Hearing Rescheduled to May 25th

May 16, 2005 25th Ward 4 Comments

The proposed daycare center on Virginia at Itaska was supposed to have a hearing on May 4th. However, at that hearing the applicant appealing the denial of the occupancy permit asked for an extension which was granted. The new hearing date is May 25th.

For more information (and pictures) read my posts from March 16th and May 2nd:

PUBLIC NOTICE-A public hearing will be held by the Board of Adjustment at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25, 2005, in Room 208 City Hall to consider the following:

APPEAL #8441-Appeal filed by Montrice Lewis, from the determination of the Board of Public Service in the denial of an occupancy permit authorizing the Appellant to operate a day care center for 20 children at 4657 Virginia. Ward 25 #AO328491-05 Zone: “F” Neighborhood Commercial District.


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  1. Dustin says:

    I understand that despite opposition of Mrs. Kirner and other neighborhood residents that the variance was granted with stipulations.

    1. The paint must be cleaned from the building and the sidewalk.

    2. They must employ paid staff (not volunteers as was proposed).

    3. They must close by 10pm instead of midnight as proposed.

    I didn’t know there were any childcare facilites that were open that late. I understand that working parents may have odd schedules but even this seems too late. I am sure it will be up to the neighbors to ensure these stipulations are adhered to. I know I will be watching…


    I would like to say that personally I dont have any complaints about a new child care facility in our neighborhood. Due to the increase of new families an extra child care facility would be an asset to the community.I think that the hours would acconmodate evening working parents since everyone isnt fortunate enough to have a nine to five employer.I think we need to be realistic rather than bias. I have been following the posting of this building and I dont know why this building seems to be the gossip. It actually appears to be immature. As a community we have more important issues that we need to be focusing on such as the prostitution that takes place right in front of our eyes, not to mention the drug activity that know one seems to be doing anything about “including St.Louis Police Department”.I cant help but to think if there is more to it than the fact that the hours arent suitable,or the fact that painting of the brick is so important especially since that area isnt considered to be historic. Let’s be adults and figure out what we can do about the more serious issues of Dutchtown. HAVE A GREAT DAY AND GOD BLESS!

  3. bob enk says:

    I live at 4661 Virginia. Right next to Montrice and the day care. I went down and supported her for her hearing on her business license. I do not feel that it is a bad idea for a business at that location. In fact, I welcome another business.

    The fact that she painted her building is another topic. She made some mistakes in painting the facade of the building but did her best in correcting them. In my opinion, Virginia Ave looks drab with all the old, faded brick exteriors. Take a look sometime along Michigan Ave south of Hwy 55 and notice all of the myriad of colors or the brick buildings. Done correctly, they can truly enhance a property.

    Finally, I, too, am tired of the prostitution and drug activity on Itaska. There are several neighbors on Itaska who have come together and we are beginning to take a proactive approach at some of the problems. I am also giving serious thought to starting up another neighborhood organization. This organization will be goal oriented and not simply a place for neighbors to gather and gossip. If you are interested, you can contact me at 314-752-3276 or email me at bobenk@charter.net

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