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Thank You Stray Rescue

March 30, 2013 Downtown, Featured, STL Region 8 Comments

Stray Rescue Welcomed Animals From St. Louis’ Shelter on July 19, 2010. At the time the front of the new facility was unfinished raw space.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay (center) looks on as Randy Grim (right) accepts a $550,000 check to Stray Rescue from Terry Block, President, Nestlé Purina Pet Food-North America.
7/19/2010: St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay (center) looks on as Randy Grim (right) accepts a $550,000 check to Stray Rescue from Terry Block, President, Nestle Purina Pet Food-North America.

Since that first day when the dogs were transferred to the kennels in the new facility the front has been completed.

Stray Recue
Stray Recue is located at 2320 Pine, click image to view website

Thank you to Randy Grim, the staff, and volunteers behind Stray Rescue for the last 15 years!

— Steve Patterson


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  1. moe says:

    Amazing that it’s been 15 years. Extrememly sad that his services are needed….in any city. Thank you Randy for those that can’t say thank you, but just wag their tails.

  2. RyleyinSTL says:

    I’m a huge pet/animal lover, grew up rural with animals of all kinds, but I just want to play devils advocate here for a minute.

    I can acknowledge that saving the lives of these animals can be important, particularly if this discourages those damn “mills.” It also proves us humans aren’t all bad and gives most of us a warm gooey feeling inside. Really, tip of the hat to all involved.

    But I wonder if it just wouldn’t be better to euthanize all strays immediately? Dump all the money saved into crumbling American institutions like social services and infrastructure. How much $$$$ would that total nationally? I have no idea. Does the city/state even spend much public money on the “shelter” aspect of animal control these days? Again, I don’t know. Would Checkered Square have written that check for another worthwhile charitable cause? Maybe?

    If I assume killing all the puppies (humanely) as soon as you pick them up feeds a few dozen hungry mouths for a year, or replaces the Kingshighway Viaduct before it falls down, perhaps I’m okay with that.

  3. samizdat says:

    Oh, and it’s great that Stray Rescue finally has staff, and a real home, and a budget, with money to go along with it. Much easier to contact these days, too. Used to be hit and miss.


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