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TO EXIT: depress red button and push door simultaneously

February 13, 2010 Accessibility, Downtown, Steve Patterson 4 Comments

Leaving a parking garage recently I encountered a security measure I hadn’t faced since my stroke.

But there was the sign, just push the button and the door at the same time.   My left hand isn’t too useful and in my right is my cane.  I often hold the cane with the left while I do things with my right hand.  I ended up leaning against the door handle then pressing the red button with my right to exit onto the sidewalk.  So much in society assumes all are able bodied.

– Steve Patterson


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  1. Joe S says:

    OSHA rules require one-arm exit out of a employment facility – somehow this doesn't meet that standard? Lousy design, its sad if we actually have to legislate this kind of stuff to get designers/engineers to build it that way.

  2. Chris says:

    This is that city-owned garage on Olive, isn't it?

  3. JZ71 says:

    If it's a required exit, the Building Code mandates “no special knowledge” and a single motion that doesn't require tight grasping or twisting. In most cases where an electromechanic lock is required for security, either the push bar is wired into the mag lock or a motion detector automatically deactivates the mag lock, and the red push button is only there as an emergency override. Sounds like Building Department, Fire Department and the Department of Justice (ADA) would all probably be interested in this unsafe and illegal condition.


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