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Pyramid sold former Sears site last year

April 21, 2008 McDonald's on Grand, South City 3 Comments

For much of 2006 Pyramid was trying to swap the former S, Grand Sears site with McDonalds, but strong opposition from those that would be directly impacted by having a drive-thru closer to their homes raised a fuss — I helped too.    In the end the McDonalds closed.

The senior housing center Pyramid wanted to build on the site of the old McDonalds at Grand and Chippewa was then planned for the old Sears site across the street that they already owned. Owned as in past tense.

Property records indicate Pyramid sold that property (3708 S. Grand) and others on Oct 12th last year for $361,869. The properties are now titled with Pyramid’s name as well as “c/o Grand Future Realty LLC.” Grand Future Realty LLC is the owner of the adjacent building at 3722 S, Grand, which it purchased on 6/28/06 for $275,000. The registered agent and both organizers are from St Charles.
With Pyramid’s shut down last Friday it raises questions about the future of this project and others.  The property transfer raises questions about who all is involved in the project and who we might look to for its completion.


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  1. Noggin Floggin' says:

    My money’s on McKee. Paric is the GC afterall. It certainly isn’t uncommon for a project like that to be held in its own LLC. It’s the St. Charles part that’s the kicker.

  2. LisaS says:

    I’m a little puzzled by the St. Charles reference, Steve. according to the Secretary of State’s office, the registered agent for Grand Future is Khalid Ihmoud, 3722 Grand. Can you clarify that?
    but I am very curious what will happen to Pyramid’s collection of properties and projects in progress ….

    [slp — the registered agent is also an organizer and there he lists a St Charles address.] 

  3. LisaS says:

    just for educational purposes … where’d you find that? I didn’t see it on either the SoS site or any of the City’s web sites ..

    [slp — once you find a company on the SoS website you want to look at available documents — for  LLC’s the original filing is always available — that will list the organizers which are not necessarily the owners.]


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