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A Changed Man

March 28, 2008 Planning & Design, STL Region, Suburban Sprawl 10 Comments

Nearly dying and now going through intensive physical therapy causes one to stop and think about what is important. In the last few years here I’ve focused often on details. On one hand these details don’t seem as important too me and on the other they seem even more important. I’m alive — I should be happy right? But life is short and it is the little details that impact our quality of life. Simply breathing everyday just isn’t enough. I am going to be far more demanding of a quality environment than before. Every year in our region we spend hundreds of millions if not billions on new infrastructure and buildings — are we getting our money’s worth? Does this money add to improved public space or simply so much square footage of new retail? I see no reason to settle for anything less than high quality public spaces. Life is too short to be spent in strip centers, boring subdivisions and stuck in traffic.


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  1. john w. says:

    That’s the awesomest of awesome news. I’m looking forward to the posts moving forward.

  2. margie says:

    So glad to hear that your fire has only increased! Looking forward to your new insights.

  3. Brad Mello says:

    Only you could turn a life threatening situation into a reason to be more bitchy! You go boy. Glad you’re back to your ol’ self.

  4. zink says:

    That was always my motto: It’s the little things that count

  5. Dionna says:

    I like your new outlook! Can’t wait to see where it takes you!
    Thinking of you often-

  6. Jim Zavist says:

    Gee, you could be pretty cranky before. It should be even more interesting/scary now that you’ve been empowered and have a real (not just an academic/philosphical) axe to grind! 😉 Good luck with your ongoing quest!

    [slp — The point is not to be “cranky” but forceful enough to get some real awareness.  I’m living it now so you are right — it is not simply academic for me.]

  7. Jim Zavist says:

    What I’m really waiting to see is what kind of sidecar you find for your scooter. And here’s a website: http://www.scooter-sidecars.com/

  8. Jim Zavist says:

    The difference between cranky and a dedicated, vocal activist is one of perception and style. I’m more prone to work behind the scenes, and I’ve fought my share of battles and won a few small victories over the years, so I have a huge amount of respect for what Steve has done and continues to do on this site and in the larger world. I’ve also owned a small business, so I can sympathize with the frustration many business owners feel about the ever-increasing amount of government regulation that seems to be the “solution” to too many issues. And being an old hippie at heart, I still harbor a basic belief that everyone should be treated fairly, so I get frustrated when the rules aren’t enforced or don’t seem to apply to everyone equally.
    Steve’s stroke has changed his life. Obviously, his mind is a sharp as ever. Knowing what he knows, combined with both his new challenges and his old ability to communicate his concerns effectively, will likely force St. Louis to be a more accessible community for all its citizens, which will be a very good thing in the long run. So Steve, I wish you the best!

  9. robert lewis says:

    just found out through our parish newsletter (christ church, downtown, next to the library) about steve’s blog and about his stroke. very glad to hear that rehab is going well. steve gave a series of talks to us a couple of years ago that have strongly influenced how we go about doing liturgy–with emphasis on what it means to act out our convictions as christians as opposed to meditating on sufferings and sorrows.

  10. Dole says:

    Steve, I was really worried you would give up your passions but I see you are still positng insightful posts and inspiring vigorous discussion. Thank you for staying strong!


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