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State Rep. Mike Daus Begins Blogging

February 1, 2007 Local Business, South City 5 Comments

Missouri State Representative Mike Daus (D-67th) has started a new blog, 67thdistrict.blogspot.com covering issues in his state house district. Daus has two years left on his term in Jefferson City so expect to see speculation about him seeking another office. But why wait for the speculation, I’ll get it started.

Daus lives in the 4th State Senate District where Jeff Smith was just elected in 2006 so that leaves out a run for another job in Jefferson City unless he were to attempt a state-wide office. Daus ran for 15th Ward alderman in 2001 against Jennifer Florida, who narrowly defeated him by something like 20 votes. Will Daus return to the aldermanic arena after having served eight years in Jefferson City? Interestingly, campaign finance reports for both Florida & Daus show them each having roughly $19,000 in their respective campaign accounts.

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  1. I am sure Mike would find a large group of people ready to support him in a run against Alderwoman Florida in 2009. I am included in this group of people.

  2. Marti says:

    I agree with Douglas.. Mike is sure to have major support in a run for Alderman in the 15th Ward. Hey, Mike, I’m in.

  3. liberal says:

    Yeah, I’d be happy to support Mike if I want to throw taxpayer dollars down the tubes on poorly-conceived bullshit. I have an idea–let’s just throw money at problems and they will be solved! Hooray! If we give the lazy money, they will become productive members of society. yay!

  4. Marti says:

    Hey Lib –

    Sorta easy to through out blanket statements without any backup evidence or even your name, eh? Not to mention an intelligent argument. I’m impressed.

  5. Chris Cleeland says:


    It’s completely unclear what you’re talking about, or if you even know what you’re talking about. Regardless, though, if you’re worried that Mike is just going to throw money at problems and waste it, this will be a non-starter for someone elected in 2009 to the City of St. Louis Board of Alderman, since with the way the current administration is giving out TIFs left and right there won’t BE any money available to throw around.


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